Friday, April 9, 2010

Cricut Project 1: Mickey Room Sign

Here is a fun project offered by Cricut; it is featured in the Mickey & Friends cartridge booklet.

What a fun and easy way to brighten up a room! This colorful wood sign will delight any little occupant. Make it in minutes following these simple directions.

Wood sign board
Acrylic paint: black, red, blue

(If you have a Cricut machine):
Cardstock: black, white, flesh, red, yellow
Cricut font cartridge, sticker letters, or alphabet stencil
Cricut Mickey & Friends cartridge

(If you do not have a Cricut machine):
Click here to buy a pre-assembled Mickey
Sticker letters or alphabet stencil

Step One:
Paint wood sign board with acrylic paints as desired.

Step Two:
Using Mickey and Friends cartridge and black cardstock, cut one 5 1/2" .
Using flesh-colored cardstock, press Layers: Face/White feature and cut one 5 1/2" to cut face. Using white cardstock, press Shift and Layers: Face/White feature and cut one 5 1/2" to cut eyes and gloves.
Assemble Mickey head

Step Three:
Create phrase.

Cut one 6" x 3.75" rectangle of white cardstock. Mat onto red cardstock and finally black cardstock. Create name or phrase on white cardstock using a Cricut font cartridge, sticker letters, or alphabet stencil.

Step Four:
Assemble sign.

Adhere phrase across bottom of sign board and apply Mickey head above as shown.



Thursday, April 8, 2010

Scrapbook Tear Bears 1.1-1.4: Easter

In honor of Easter, I created 4 cute Easter tear bears. Each bear comes in an Easter dress, a matching bunny ear headpiece, and a pair of cute socks and shoes. The pink is my favorite; which one is yours?

The tear bears were all handmade out of mulberry paper; it is really amazing that paper can create such fuzziness!  Each bear was hand-torn, fluffed, and then shaded with chalk. 

The fabric used to make her dress looks like denim; it would be cute to make some jeans for the tear bears one day.   
I liked the way the colors came together for this dress, with the contrast of the different shades of pink.  However, the fabric was difficult to work with; it kept wanting to pop up and did not want to stay put.  I'm not sure if I will choose to work with this fabric again.
The style of this dress is different from the other three dresses; I wanted to offer some variety, besides just a difference in color and print.

I am very happy to have found this fabric.  It is perfect for making tear bear socks, and it's nice that the stripes on them are glittery.


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