Good To Know

Tips to make your everyday living easier; make time for fun crafts by cutting down on chores!  Create happy memories by making busy days less stressful!

1.   Use a dustpan to fill containers that do not fit in your sink.


2.  Place a rubber band around the open can to wipe off excess paint. 

3.  Find lost objects with a vacuum and pantyhose.

4.  Put a wooden spoon over a pot to prevent soup from boiling over.

5.  Use a rubber band to remove a stripped screw.  

6.  Keep marshmallows in brown sugar to keep it soft.

7.  Use binder clips to organize cords.

8.  Spray vinegar on a windshield before a winter storm and it will not frost.

9.  Sprinkle cinnamon into a sandbox to keep away the bugs!

10.   Attach a bread tag to the end of a tape roll to find it easily and to prevent waste.

11.   Label your cords by using bread tags.

12.   Use a staple remover to add things to your key ring.

13.  To keep potatoes from budding, place an apple in the bag with the potatoes.

14.   Use an egg slicer for instant and perfect strawberry slices.

15.   Grill your fish on a bed of lemons to infuse flavor and to prevent sticking to the grill.

16.  How to remove garlic skin easily and quickly.

Give the garlic bulb a firm smack with the palm of your hand to separate into individual cloves. Place them into a stainless steel bowl and invert a second bowl over the top. (They don’t have to be identical in size, just close enough for the garlic to be able to bounce around in a good-sized sphere). Hold the bowls firmly together and shake as hard as you can for about 10 seconds. When you open the bowls, all of the cloves should be bare with the skins neatly out of the way. If they aren’t just shake a bit longer.

17.  A simple way to sharpen kitchen shears ... cut a piece of steel wool.

18.  How to keep your cake fresh overnight.

Pre-bake your cakes and keep them fresh overnight by placing a slice of bread on top. In the morning your bread will be hard as a rock, but the cake will remain moist and ready to ice.

19.  Slam the lettuce head down on the stem to remove the core.

20.  Easily hull strawberries by using a straw.

21.  Easily separate bacon strips out of the package by rolling it into a tight cylinder shape before opening.

22.  How to easily portion ground meat for freezing.

Place mince meat in a large Ziploc bag and flatten out evenly.  Separate into portions using a chopstick or skewer and then freeze.  When it is time to defrost, you can simply break off the amount you need and put the rest back in the freezer.


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