Thursday, February 21, 2013

Recipe 1: Pudding Parfait

This is a delicious and surprisingly light recipe.  To taste the pudding at its best, try to have all layers in each bite; the combination really compliments each other well.

Recipe: Makes 16 cups

2 small boxes of vanilla Jell-o instant pudding (or 1 large box)
1 small box of butterscotch Jell-o instant pudding
1 small box of chocolate Jell-o instant pudding
1 tub of Cool Whip
milk (as needed by the directions on the pudding boxes)  This could be 8 cups or more, depending on the amount of the vanilla pudding.

will also need:
a hand mixer
16 cups (preferably clear plastic ones)
a rubber spatula
a spoon

This pudding parfait is very easy to make; all you need are Jell-o instant pudding boxes, milk, and Cool Whip.  You will need to plan ahead though; for best results you must let the Cool Whip properly thaw for 4 hours, as stated on the tub.  Certainly, you can thaw on the counter, but the Cool Whip really does have a nicer and smoother consistency when properly thawed in the refrigerator. 

Follow the directions on the Jell-o pudding packages and chill each flavor in separate bowls.  More vanilla pudding is required than the other two flavors because the chocolate and butterscotch comes out thicker, so more vanilla is needed to balance it out. 

When I am mixing the pudding into the milk, I like to use a rubber spatula and try to break up the powder as much as possible manually; I find that you won't be left with powder on the side of the bowl, there will be less powder flying around once you use the hand mixer, and the most important, there won't be any powdery chunks in the finished product.

Once the powder is pretty well-dissolved, use the hand mixer to blend until the pudding thickens.

Immediately put the pudding into the refrigerator to chill.  The box says 5 minutes, but I like to let it chill a little longer, sometimes about 30 minutes longer.  Once the pudding is chilled to a desired temperature, it is time to start filling the cups.  I find that the best look is to have the colors go in a transition of lightest to darkest; the chocolate also has a nice contrast to the Cool Whip.   To fill the cups, simply use a spoon to drop the pudding in the cups; for a prettier finished result, try to avoid touching the sides of the cup with pudding.  As you're filling them, you can tap the bottom of the cup against the counter to even and flatten out the mound of pudding; this is just to give the finished product a nicer look.  Also, I usually drop the same number of spoonfuls into each cup, in an effort to keep the portions consistent.

Continue with each flavor, putting in the vanilla first, then butterscotch, then chocolate, then finally top the cups off with Cool Whip.  Be sure to keep the cups covered with plastic wrap or foil until they are ready to serve, in order to avoid having them oxidize and drying out.

Next, the best part - eating the pudding!  I really enjoy looking at the different layers of colors on the spoon, and when streaks are present, it somehow makes it even more appetizing to me.  Ahh, how the mind can play tricks... 

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Michael's Scrap-IN Event Sat. 02/02/13 (Monrovia, Ca)

Michael's (in Monrovia, Ca) will be having a Scrap-IN event on Saturday! I will be there to answer any questions; come join!

Get in to a Scrap-IN for just $5! Join us 3pm-9pm on the first Saturday of every month for scrapping, chatting and project inspiration. February Scrap-IN sponsored by Fiskars® and 3M.

Cost: $5 Reserves Your Spot
Date: Saturday 02/02/13
Time: 3-9pm

Tear Bear Card 1: Christmas

I recently learned how to make a homemade card that can be propped up on its own, and decided to make a tear bear card out of that new found knowledge. For this card, DCWV's Holiday stack was used, and the Beyond Birthdays Cricut Cartridge was used for the words Merry Christmas; everything else was handmade.  Unfortunately, these grainy pictures are the only copies I have of the card; my camera is broken and all I had was my cell phone.  But at least it's better than nothing. :) 

Here is how the card looks, opened and propped up on its own stand.  The gold is very glittery, but my camera phone did not pick it up too well.

 Here is the propped card by its side view.

Here is how the card looks once it is "closed".  The tree is actually layered; can you tell?

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Review 3: Martha Stewart Permanent Glue & Craft Glue

Verdict: Not Recommended

Since Martha Stewart has a giant crafting empire, I was disappointed when these two products did not meet my expectations. The first issue of complaint is the shape of these glue tubes; their shape does not allow them to sit upright, and since it HAS to be laid on its side, it is preferrable that the tubes did not take up so much counter/working space. In addition, the craft glue presented flow problems once it started to run low; I had to keep them propped up in a box.

Perhaps it was due to the shape of the tubes, or that it had a screw-on cap, but I had a tendancy not to recap these tubes; I would keep forgetting and the tip would dry out. I also did not like the flimsiness of the cap; I am not particularly a strong person but I managed to split a line into the cap when screwing it back on. This REALLY presented problems for me in the future.  Which brings to the next issue: clearing dried tips. Of all the glues that I use, these were the most difficult to clear once the tip had dried out; even when the glue clog was believed to be cleared, it would still take several tries before it was easily squeezed out.  The glue also caused a lot of hand fatigue; my hands would be shaking sometimes just trying to squeeze a line of glue onto my project.  Lastly, this craft glue did not have a quality that made this product stand out from others; it really reminded me of Elmer's glue.

The permanent glue was very frustrating to work with; the glue was extremely runny, which did not give me any control whatsoever and there were several moments of having to catch a drip and saving my work from a close call. And while it certainly was permanent when dried, it took an extremely long time for it to become firm enough just for me to even remove my hand. This tube of glue has since ceased to be used, and is just sitting in storage; there is a good probability that it will remain there.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Review 2: Tombo Mono Multi Liquid Glue

Verdict: Recommended

The first thing I noticed about this glue is the big price for the small bottle. It is only 25 grams, but cost almost $5. However, when I started using it, there were some things that I liked about it.

This glue is very versatile; if stuck on while wet, it dries with a permanent hold, and if stuck on after the glue has dried, it dries with a repositionable hold. This glue definately lived up to its name; it is a multi liquid glue. So, I liked that, in essence, I was getting two different glues for the price of one. And until I was given the choice to choose, I didn't realize how much it helps to have alternatives! (I am already finding uses for the repositionable hold; when I need to send an item, and want it held in place, but do not want any glue residue to ruin it, I will apply glue to a chipboard sheet, let it dry, then adhere the item to it. Once the recipient receives that item, they can remove the item quickly, easily, and in perfect condition). This glue also offers two different tips, broad and narrow, adding even more to its versatility.

One of the great things about this glue is that it smells good, not like a glue at all. And when the tip is dried, it can be easily cleared; the elasticity of the glue makes it easy to pull off the glue in one easy motion, in one piece.

Review 1: Ribbon Storage Containers

Adjustable and stackable ribbon containers:

Available at

After using these ribbon containers, here are the pros and cons noticed on them.

1. The ribbon can be organized by type (print, material, or size).

2. The spool of ribbon is removeable if I need it to be (as opposed to putting it on a rod and not being able to remove a particular spool).

3. They are stackable, which is nice, since it's always nice to have the option of saving space.

4.  When put side by side, these containers have the option of linking to each other, to combine them into one unit.

5. These boxes can be easily transported to another room; they are light weight, stackable, and not bulky.

6.  The size of the spacers are adjustable; you're not limited to any width of ribbon.

7.  The containers are plastic, which makes them easy to clean.

8.  The lids are clear, which makes identifying ribbon easy while still keeping your ribbon covered and dust-free.

1.  Although there is not a restriction on the width of the ribbon, there can be an issue with the length of the spool; if the spool is too big, it will not fit.

2.  Ummm....

So the verdict?  Well, considering the fact that I could only come up with one con, it's safe to assume that this is a product I would recommend.  I ended up buying 4 of these containers; they work well for me!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Scrapbook Tear Bears 8.1-8.4: Christmas

Santa Claus
 Mrs. Claus
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