Saturday, June 11, 2011

Scrapbook Tear Bears 6.1-6.2: Wedding

Weddings are such beautiful occasions, aren't they?  Here are two wedding tear bears, a bride and a groom, all dressed up.  These bears are handmade and available at

The groom is wearing a glittery silver cummerbund and a cute bowtie.
The bride's dress is made of a satin ribbon, and embellished with white mulberry flowers; she also wearing a beautiful sheer veil!


  1. My friend Sherry sent me over to see your tear bears...and she was right... they are Fantastic! Great job. You must have practiced over and over again to get them so perfect! TFS
    ps I'll be back!

  2. Thank you so much Jessica, you are so sweet! It is so nice when someone takes the time out of their day to leave a kind message; it is very encouraging! :) And please thank Sherry for her word of mouth!
    Yes, the bears took awhile for me to get the hang of...there's still a lot of trial and error for me; and sometimes I can't remember how I made something that I liked, haha.


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