Sunday, June 6, 2010

Scrapbook Layout 4: Wedding

Here is a 1 page layout using DCWV's Luxury Stack; it is a stack with a shimmery design....probably not a stack I would use on a regular basis, but it is definitely a stack that's appropriate for a wedding layout.  I wanted to keep a neutral wedding theme, in order for it to be versatile to any wedding couple, so I decided on a "white" theme with a slight black outline throughout the layout. 

The tear bears, doves, and church were all hand-made.  I had a little trouble when making the satin dress; the satin bow kept popping up, so I had to hand-stitch the dress in order to keep it down.  Notice the pearl earrings on the bride?  This was a special gift for someone, so real pearls were used. 

Full layout

Church paper piecing
It is better to use a less stiff cardstock since there are so many layers; if the cardstock is too thick, it could curl.

Bride and groom
I forgot to give the bride a bouquet when I took this picture.

I gave her a bouquet later, but unfortunately, I did not have the right lighting for a good clear picture.

The bowtie was made with ribbon, and for the buttons, actual buttons were glued to his shirt; the gray cummerbund gave it a nice color and texture contrast. 


Photo mat 1
Since this was a wedding layout, I used a lacey trim stitching for the mat.

Photo mat 2

File tag
This may be my favorite thing out of the layout; it has such a nice clean look.


Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Scrapbook Tear Bears 2.1-2.4: Graduation

It is that time again....graduation!  Graduation is always a memorable occasion; this would be a perfect scrapbooking opportunity to capture those moments.  I have created the graduation tear bears series; they feature a matching cap and gown set, a miniature diploma, and a cute tassel.  These hand-torn bears are perfect for completing graduation layouts or handmade cards; they measure about 5 inches tall, and can be customized to any school colors.  Please check out my facebook store for these customizable graduation tear bears. 

All bears are made out of mulberry paper (yes, mulberry paper!), and are hand-fluffed to give them their fuzzy texture. All tear bear clothes are personally designed; no templates or stencils were used.


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