Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Craft Tip 2: Prevent Ribbon from Fraying by Sealing with Glue


The use of ribbon in crafts is very common, and always adds a nice decorative touch. However, based on the material of the ribbon, certain ribbons are more prone to fraying than others.

This may cause some crafters to stay away from using particular materials, thus reducing their options, and preventing their full creativity potential.


An easy solution is to seal the ends of ribbon with a clear-drying glue; no more worrying about ribbon fraying, and no more having to cut the ribbon shorter, and shorter...
Just cut and prepare the strip of ribbon, as directed for the project. Before glueing down the ribbon to your project, lightly dab the ends of the ribbon with glue, let dry, and now the ribbon is ready for use.

Make sure to minimize handling of the ribbon until the glue is dried; this will prevent the glue from picking up any possible dirt, and giving it a "dirty" look to where the glue was applied.


Using glue to seal ribbon is a method that can easily be used elsewhere; there are many possibilities. Fabric, like ribbon, is also prone to fraying, and can be easily remedied by sealing with some clear-drying glue or fabric glue.

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