Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Review 2: Tombo Mono Multi Liquid Glue

Verdict: Recommended

The first thing I noticed about this glue is the big price for the small bottle. It is only 25 grams, but cost almost $5. However, when I started using it, there were some things that I liked about it.

This glue is very versatile; if stuck on while wet, it dries with a permanent hold, and if stuck on after the glue has dried, it dries with a repositionable hold. This glue definately lived up to its name; it is a multi liquid glue. So, I liked that, in essence, I was getting two different glues for the price of one. And until I was given the choice to choose, I didn't realize how much it helps to have alternatives! (I am already finding uses for the repositionable hold; when I need to send an item, and want it held in place, but do not want any glue residue to ruin it, I will apply glue to a chipboard sheet, let it dry, then adhere the item to it. Once the recipient receives that item, they can remove the item quickly, easily, and in perfect condition). This glue also offers two different tips, broad and narrow, adding even more to its versatility.

One of the great things about this glue is that it smells good, not like a glue at all. And when the tip is dried, it can be easily cleared; the elasticity of the glue makes it easy to pull off the glue in one easy motion, in one piece.

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