Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Review 1: Ribbon Storage Containers

Adjustable and stackable ribbon containers:

Available at

After using these ribbon containers, here are the pros and cons noticed on them.

1. The ribbon can be organized by type (print, material, or size).

2. The spool of ribbon is removeable if I need it to be (as opposed to putting it on a rod and not being able to remove a particular spool).

3. They are stackable, which is nice, since it's always nice to have the option of saving space.

4.  When put side by side, these containers have the option of linking to each other, to combine them into one unit.

5. These boxes can be easily transported to another room; they are light weight, stackable, and not bulky.

6.  The size of the spacers are adjustable; you're not limited to any width of ribbon.

7.  The containers are plastic, which makes them easy to clean.

8.  The lids are clear, which makes identifying ribbon easy while still keeping your ribbon covered and dust-free.

1.  Although there is not a restriction on the width of the ribbon, there can be an issue with the length of the spool; if the spool is too big, it will not fit.

2.  Ummm....

So the verdict?  Well, considering the fact that I could only come up with one con, it's safe to assume that this is a product I would recommend.  I ended up buying 4 of these containers; they work well for me!

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