Sunday, January 13, 2013

Review 3: Martha Stewart Permanent Glue & Craft Glue

Verdict: Not Recommended

Since Martha Stewart has a giant crafting empire, I was disappointed when these two products did not meet my expectations. The first issue of complaint is the shape of these glue tubes; their shape does not allow them to sit upright, and since it HAS to be laid on its side, it is preferrable that the tubes did not take up so much counter/working space. In addition, the craft glue presented flow problems once it started to run low; I had to keep them propped up in a box.

Perhaps it was due to the shape of the tubes, or that it had a screw-on cap, but I had a tendancy not to recap these tubes; I would keep forgetting and the tip would dry out. I also did not like the flimsiness of the cap; I am not particularly a strong person but I managed to split a line into the cap when screwing it back on. This REALLY presented problems for me in the future.  Which brings to the next issue: clearing dried tips. Of all the glues that I use, these were the most difficult to clear once the tip had dried out; even when the glue clog was believed to be cleared, it would still take several tries before it was easily squeezed out.  The glue also caused a lot of hand fatigue; my hands would be shaking sometimes just trying to squeeze a line of glue onto my project.  Lastly, this craft glue did not have a quality that made this product stand out from others; it really reminded me of Elmer's glue.

The permanent glue was very frustrating to work with; the glue was extremely runny, which did not give me any control whatsoever and there were several moments of having to catch a drip and saving my work from a close call. And while it certainly was permanent when dried, it took an extremely long time for it to become firm enough just for me to even remove my hand. This tube of glue has since ceased to be used, and is just sitting in storage; there is a good probability that it will remain there.

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